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“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing,
 but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.”
  Matthew 7:15













"David Icke in his interview with a French Rothschild offspring learned that the Illuminati [Children of the Devil] employed unorthodox means to increase the population of [Satanic] Jews.

"Phillip Eugene Rothschild said he was conceived by "occult incest" and was "one of the hundreds of thousands of both legitimate and illegitimate offspring of this powerful financial and OCCULT family." [emphasis added]

"Much of this is done artificially through Illuminati sperm banks. What Phillip says is confirmation of Icke's research, as outlined in The Biggest Secret, that the main Reptilian bloodlines
[emphasis added] conceive countless children to perpetuate the bloodline and only a few are given the bloodline name as official children. The others are hidden behind other names and brought up by other parents."    Article here

They All Come to You in the Political System as a Jew
Both Covert and Overt

It's All in the Trump Family

The Cult She is in with her Husband, Jared Kushner and
 Father, Donald Trump with the Rest of Them

(a 16th-century painting of Jews desecrating the Host)

Jews were accused of colluding with Mongol invaders on the Eastern frontiers. They were just as likely to desecrate a church, murder Christian infants in secret, spread poisons with the wind, or practice infamous sexual perversities. 

"The catalogue of alleged Jewish crimes is long and varied indeed, and wholly unreasonable." writes Trachtenberg, "unless we accept the self-evident fact that, in medieval eyes, that as Satan's agents, nothing was beyond the depraved and evil nature of the Jews." (43) 

For many, this Illuminati Jewish threat seems more urgent today, with the demoralization of mankind and the creation of the police state. Article here


"A terrible mysterious Jewish horde hidden somewhere in the East awaited the signal to pour out upon Christendom and annihilate it.

The rumours of the birth of the Antichrist ...after the thirteenth century, kept Europe on edge awaiting the bloody outbreak of the 'red Jews'" .... (40) 

What the American Founding Fathers said about the Jews.

Trump is in Cahoots with Joe Biden

Trump Calls for Resignation of Ilhan Omar in Congress
for Telling Americans the Truth About
Their Hijacked Government

Starts at About:  3:00

Cynthia McKinney Did as Well
and They Forced her Out


Trump's function as false opposition is to make sure US
 patriots support [Satanic, Anti-Christ] Israel
 instead of American interests.

“Masonic agents on both sides will produce a catastrophic war that will allow the satanist NWO to emerge like a phoenix from the ashes. The reason the media has become more receptive to conservative opinions is because only Trump can dupe  (emphasis added) Americans into fighting another war for Israel.”  Source

No Separation of State and Synagogue

Loyal to and Led by the Ones in Black Hats

Both Putin and Trump are Crypto Jews

[Putin in his prior career was also the Communist
 KGB Chief, remember?]

Gov. Greg Abbott and the Texas Border Charade

For Your Eyes Only — Trump Without a Mask

What is Donald Trump's Place in the Big Picture?

"Trump is Jewish, according to his own brother.

"Trump has been put into power in order to help create a Greater Israel, and, in order to help the Jewish billionaires.

"Israeli settlers and their American evangelical supporters are among the invitees to Donald Trump's presidential inauguration" --
Article here

"Christian Zionists are Scum and Useful Idiots"
-- Benjamin Netanyahu

The World Satanic System of Each Country


A horrendous genocide of Palestinians
 by the demonic state of Israel

What he Warp Sped in for you

Self-Sacrificing Active Duty Member of USAF
 has warned you
about what will be
normal in America as well
by the ruling class

Donald J Trump is a 33rd degree Scottish rite freemason! They are the Luciferian illuminati masonic synagogue of Satan that oppresses tortures and kills civilians and children! Qanon is a Luciferian illuminati masonic synagogue of Satan psyop!  Kabbalism is Luciferianism!  Remember that! But operation warp speed has caused many sudden deaths and many more to be permanently disabled! Treason and mass murder and genocide!

"If Trump Unleashing The Bioweapon and Pimping Weren’t Enough,
 Look At Who He Was Investing In During The Plandemic:

 "Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Etc."



Satanic Israel is a Haven for International Criminals and Deviants

Including Those who Did 9/11

Wars and Taxes for Their Blood Sacrifices

16th Amendment

All Wars are Jewish Satanic Central Banker Wars

for the Murder, Death, Torture and Killing of Other Human Beings

Target Iran -- the Next War for Satanic Israel

Militias or Standing Armies?

Trump Set a Trap for the January 6 Patriot Protesters who he has Left Rotting in Jail

and to be Sentenced by a Non-American Judge

(what you don't know HARMS you)

From a reader--

Recently on the net there is information regarding Peter Navarro receiving a 4 month prison sentence from judge Amit Mehta; who is an Obama appointed judge . Well; Mehta also sentenced the leader of theOath Keepers  to 18 years imprisonment for the so called "insurrection" on Capitol hill on Jan 06,2003. I did some research on  Mehta and found that the family came to America from India ; Amit was one year old  back then; his mother worked in the U.S. as lab technician and his father was an engineer. I was informed by an associate that they (Mehta) never became American citizens because if they were to  convert they automatically lose their Indian citizenship. Amit was educated and degreed in U.S. schools and universities and received a law license in the state of Maryland. Problem with all of this is; how can a non -citizen become a judge here in America?  I would appreciate your response.  Article here


Israeli Army Allowed to Attack You on American
 Soil with Chemical Weapons

American Freedom Must Run Both Ways


In and For Christ [Sakes]

[the Peace Planet Party Way]