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"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed
 by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty
 and the pursuit of Happiness"
the American Declaration of Independence

A Reality We Have All Yet to Live, TOGETHER












When the Truth Came to You About the COVID
 Hoax and Deception

Corona Baloney

Watch, Fight and Pray!

"He died to make men Holy let us live to make men Free" The Battle Hymn of the Republic
"Then the disciples came to Jesus privately and said, "Why could we not cast it out?" So Jesus
 said to them, "Because of your unbelief ; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as
 a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will
 move;  and nothing will be impossible for you. However, this kind does
 not go out except by prayer and fasting"
Matthew 17: 19-21

DECEPTION is Their Game to Get it Inside of You

COVID "Vaccine" is a Door for the Demonic

What They Put Inside of You to Remove
 Your Connection to God

Where They Want to Go with It

5G Cell Tower Activation

Trickster Media and Governments

“Distrust and Caution are the Parents of Security” – Benjamin Franklin

“The Kill Shot and The Great Deception in These Times”

"Our World is Changing, We Are In Trouble"  

"If you think you are in a normal world with normal people and normal events, then you are making a great and deadly mistake. The world you see with your eyes is not as it appears to you, much of the "human beings" you see are not humans, some are animal-like creatures, some are demons and some are avatars of high class demons and principalities in the dark worlds. The Lord revealed to me certain things about the present world we live in and what it would soon become in few years to come, I will highlight some of these things. My heart is extremely sorrowful, if you are a parent, weep for your children and children's children, this is no longer a world but den of lions [rather a gigantic snake pit of demons].

"1) A CURSED TIMELINE. The Lord stood by me and said "Why would any man want to live forever in a world like this?", He said everyone in this world is living in a cursed timeline, meaning that our time is not ticking as it was meant to be, our time is sick and its dying. Though if you look at your wrist watch, you will see the seconds and minutes moving but that is a FAKE, something is wrong with our time. The Lord said "Satan is changing the world because they want to come and stay here", He said Satan and his hosts cannot physically operate here except they change the world and the atmosphere in the world to look like their own worlds and to achieve this, they are altering our timeline and frequency. 

"2) WHAT IS A TIMELINE? AND HOW CAN IT BE ALTERED?. A timeline is the progression of a time, it is the series of events or activities that happen in the course of a time period. For instance, everything you will do, say and think today shall become your timeline for today. The Lord said the kingdom of darkness altered or damaged the world's timeline by making people do, think and say what is contrary to the plan of God for their lives, they make people act directly against what God had written in their destiny scripts in heaven before they were born. Therefore, the more the actions on earth contradicts what was in the original plan of God for the earth, the more the time on earth becomes weakened and damaged, and the more reasons the earth should not exist anymore. So, our time or days doesn't determine our lives, it is our lives and actions and lifestyle that determines how our time or days will look like. 

"3) A NEW CIVILIZATION IS COMING. The Lord told me that billions of hosts of people from the demonic worlds are coming to indwell and take over this planet, He said the number of these people are far greater than the number of humans on earth at this time. The reason why the Antichrist organization wants to reduce the world's population is to create a good space for these strangers that are coming. They are injecting you with vaccines to stop you from giving birth and to make sure you die untimely. Also, they are going to set up 5G network and more Gs (such as 6G, 8G and more) because these creatures coming vibrates at a frequency different from the frequency of man. Also, the present collapse of the economy of many nations is very intentional, the Antichrist organization wants to destroy the world's economy so that those who would survive must surrender to become their slave. 

"4) A TIME, TIMES AND HALF A TIME (Daniel 8:25). For a long time I had believed that the Antichrist would show up and only reign for three and half years (I was misinterpreting "a time, times and dividing of a time") but the Lord told me that it is not so. He said "A Time" in that Bible verse is as long as "A Generation", it comprises of many years, and our present generation is in the midst of that time, we are in the midst of the first time where the Antichrist began to prevail over the nations of the earth—Bible says A TIME, TIMES AND HALF A TIME—We are currently in the midst of "A TIME" and the Lord did not reveal how many years are involved, and soon we will move to "TIMES". The Lord told me that our generation has not seen anything yet and that more troubles are coming, He said the Antichrist reign has begun but he will not yet prevail over all nations, there will be nations who will resist him successfully. However, when we move to the period of "TIMES", we will see the Antichrist prevail, he will prevail because he will multiply our troubles or add more to the world's troubles to the point that unless Rapture [vibrational change] takes place, no child of God will be able to survive without surrendering to the Antichrist. This is what Jesus meant when He said "God will cut short those days because of the elect". 

"5) SHORTAGE OF REAL HUMANS. You see, there are people who will take the vaccine and every other poisons the Antichrist is enforcing on people and will not be affected, they won't be affected because "they are not humans". The Antichrist is planning two things, 1) To eliminate humans from the surface of the earth and 2) To change the remaining humans into beasts (demons) like they are. 


"We are in a time where you need to think deep and make a decision to be wise, this is the time you have to repent and be born again to have your soul saved and preserved. You are about to see every righteous law and human rights fall apart before your eyes to the point where human life is reduced to become like the life of a chicken!! May God have mercy, Amen."

It's Time to Discover the Alien Demonic World Rulers:  "Freedom is Slavery"
"Ignorance is Strength"
War is Peace 2020:  "Health is Sickness"

"The truth at any cost lowers all other costs. What has changed in 2016--2020 is the Great Awakening.  The public now understands, from Australia to Zimbabwe, that the truth is not to be had from academia, the government, media, or non-profits.  The truth can only emerge from the Collective Intelligence of the public, in conversation, deeply rooted in the ethical conviction that faith, family, farms, and freedom are central to the Human experience."  See here and here

The Serpent Race

If you are an 'Anti-Semite' it really means you are Anti-Demon;

The 'Illuminati' is the "Demonati";

The CDC is the "Center for Disease Collusion";

The Federal Reserve is actually the Fraud Reserve;

“Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?

"Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

“A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit” Matthew 7:16-18

Satanists and Pedophiles Rule the World
David Icke Explains

Top 5 Questions for the "Sound of Freedom"
Movie that Did Not Tell You:

1. Did it expose child and human trafficking among the powerful elites in our world???

2. Did it expose the use of children’s blood to make adrenochrome???

3. Did it expose the sacrifice of children for satanic worship???

4. Did it expose the sale of children’s body parts for profit???

5. Did it expose the use of children for human experiments???

What did it expose???

Attorney Lyn Wood

Hundreds of Thousands of Children
are Raped, Tortured and Killed by THEM

FBI Declassifies Files on the CIA’s Involvement in Satanic
 Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking

And the Military Industrial Complex is also a Big Part of it

As All Wars are Central Bankers' Wars


“If having our world leaders belong to a satanic cult weren't bad enough, ‘Treee’ says the Illuminati are actually an alien reptilian species that occupies human bodies and feeds off our energy. …

“This reptilian species is called ‘Sangerians;’" they are a ‘fourth dimension race’ and makeup 3% of the world's population. She claims to have met ‘more than one, more than once.’ They have three hearts, shift shapes, and are cold-blooded, but are developing human feelings from devouring human flesh and blood.  

"’Ten percent now get their blood from the Red Cross.’" Except for sacrifice, their every ritual involves sex. Queen Elizabeth is a leading reptilian. ‘It all sounds sci-fi and unbelievable,’ the woman says. ‘But everything fits.’"  Article here

* * *

“These people, no, these monsters are sick, evil, numerous and, by necessity, CONSPIRATORIAL.
They must all be publicly exposed and killed. Please share this.” 
Article here

Throw Off the World-Wide Colonization of Satanism,
 Child Torture, Murder and the Alien Presence

David Icke Explains that which Controls the Military-Industrial-
Complex is an Off-World Alien Presence

"They harvest the blood of children.  They eat their flesh.  If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force.  These people thrive on pain, trauma, stress, abuse, and suffering.  There is a creative and loving force inside most of us that guides us through life.  These people don't have this; for them it's the opposite" — Mel Gibson

Reptilian Humanoids — Arizona Wilder

Weird Reptilian Like-Breathing from Pfizer CEO

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Belongs to Incestuous Jewish Royalty

The Serpent Race

Serpent Race Rulers


Reptilian 'Gods' and Current Events
David Icke

The Shapeshifting Queen

Child / Human Sacrifice, Eating and Drinking

Perversion is Entertainment

"Hollywood is an institutionalized pedophile ring.  It is a den of parasites who feast on the blood of children.  Every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children"  Mel Gibson (Important article here)

"The majority of players in Hollywood are card carrying satanists. They keep it a secret.  Their families keep it a secret. They attend black masses. They attend orgies. They attend animal sacrifices. They attend human sacrifices. They pretend to be atheists and Christians to the public. But they are full blown satanists operating under disguise."

  The Incident with Alex Baldwin

"They churn through a huge amount of kids every year.  Their spiritual beliefs, if you can call them that, direct them to harvest the energy of the kids.  They feast on the stuff and they thrive on" it.  .... video here

Alice Cooper and his Ilk

Know Their Fruits

This is NOT "Antisemeticism"
this is being Truthful

"Anti-Semeticism is a Trick we Always Use"
— Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni

* * *

Money The Cartel and the Control of the Whole World

More on the Jewish Satanist Gangster Control of the World

The Serpent Race

Jacob Schiff

The Real Invaders of All Nations and the Enemy of the Human Race


"Our society believes the myth that Jews can't be pedophiles, or abuse their own children. This is a MYTH, they do abuse children. There are even those who practice cannibalism and perform human sacrifices. Believe me, I saw it with my own eyes. I've come to the point in my life where I feel I need to bear witness.” ….

“People like my friend have little knowledge of history. Does he really think over 180 million people could be massacred in the 20th century merely by accident? Hiroshima, the Holodomor, the Holocaust and 9-11 were the products of a single Satanic mindset. Does he think the steady decline of popular culture into degeneracy and obscenity is a coincidence? Does he think the gradual mainstreaming of incest homosexuality, pederasty, and the occult is random? Does he think the destruction of higher education (in the humanities) and the family is a coincidence too? (Forty per cent of US kids were born to single mothers in 2007 compared to 4% in the 1950s.) Mankind is in the thrall of a powerful Satanic cult intent on destroying and enslaving it.” 
Article here

The Satanist Jews Behind COVID

The Plot to Kill Millions in this 21st Century


It’s a Race Specific Bioweapon.  Can You Guess which ‘Race’ is Immune?

The Genocide of the Children of God

Look What They Stuck Inside You
to Lose your Natural Born Connection to the Creator

Solution:  Shut the Door for the EVIL NWO System to Penetrate You

Killing the Kill Grid

The Anti-Human Agenda:  Hydras and Parasites in Vaxx  --
Transfecting Humans into a New Controllable Species

The Dancing Jews
The Jab Success

The Dancing Jews 911 Success

5G and Scrambled Minds for Us, but Not for THEM

The Ancient Jewish Conspiracy on the Gentiles

Deception Abounds

They Came, They Saw, and Started to Conquer America

Judaism vs. Torah

“Guess who’s exempt from all requirements and mandates to get the COVID-19 “vaccine”?  The following people are totally exempt:  all US Senators and House Representatives plus all Congressional staff;  6,000 White House employees;  all employees of Pfizer (2,500), Moderna (1,500), and Johnson & Johnson (120,000); 15,000 CDC workers; and 14,000 FDA employees. …

“Oh, I almost forgot… Two million illegal aliens are also exempted from the vaccines by the unelected President Biden, so that they can flood the country, get bussed or jet-planed to Republican states, and spread sickness and death while they receive endless government hand-outs and vote Democrat.  And the Republicans are letting it happen”  -- Article here

Deceptions, Spells and Murder Abound

"The Devious Jewish Witch"

COVID Hoax is Black Magic

"Murder by Injection" Eustace Mullins

Revelations 18:23 states: "For the merchants were the great men of the earth;
for by their sorceries were all nations deceived."

Look up the word "sorceries" in Strong's Concordance, a reference book which lists the Hebrew and Greek translation of every word in the Bible, and you'll find the original Greek meaning for sorceries is pharmakeia or pharmacy. In other words, drug medications. So what that line from Revelations is really saying is: "For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy drug medications were all nations deceived."  Article here  | More 

The Eternal Problem Must be Solved Now if You Want a Country

Psychopaths-Satanists-Child Murderers Running Governments

Call Them for What They Are.  They are NOT
"Police" Nor "Officers"


How Dastardly  Israel Censors the Internet

What has Always been America's Misfortune






All of These Things Derive through an
 ALIEN Agenda

See here and here

The 5G Network

The January 5th, 2022 Kill Switch



They are Demons on Two Legs Brutally, Intentionally
 and Cruelly Assaulting Human Beings

So Act Accordingly

They Are Getting You There!

The Contamination of Human Blood, the Loss of Divine Soul,
the Extinction of the Human Race, and Infertility

What COVID Injections are Doing to Your Blood

The Immortal "Hydra Valgaris"


Brave German Research Chemist Tells You!

Nano Graphene Hydroxide

"The Thing" Inside You and the Test Swabs

From Free Humans to Enslaved Machines

"Unprecedented" All Right

Father Savvas Agioritis Shares Testimonies of Spiritual
 Decline After Taking the Vaccines

The Injection Destroys Your Divine Image

"As if a Dark Being Were Lying on Them"

(Translation in English Available on Site Address Bar)

Big Pharma Whistleblower: ‘97% of Corona Vaccine
 Recipients will Become Infertile’

"It's the Murdering of Children"
Former Pfizer VP and Chief Scientist

American Parents Fight Back

"This Is Not A Negotiation!": School Board Served $200 Million Lawsuit
 Over Mask Mandate By Fed-Up Parents

What Masks Alone are Doing to Your Children

More on the Great Harm Being Done to Humanity

A Powerful Message to Everyone Fighting the NWO


"The Trail Blazers, The Truth Seekers, the Warriors and the Army of Love

Stand in Your Power and Dig in Your Heels

Don't Matter What They Do to Us, We Don't Bend,

 Doesn't Matter How Bad it Gets, We Are Never Going to Give in, We are Never Going

 to Surrender  We Don't Never Surrender .....

"We Are Never Going to Give In Until this World is How we Dreamed it

 How We Dreamt it to be

We have to March through all this Decrepit Darkness to find the Light,

So Bring it On, Bring on All of It.  Show us Your Hand, Lay your Cards on the Table,

 'cause We Ain't Going Nowhere... Not Until this World is the Way We Want it to Be ....."


"No Soul, No Free Will" The End Of Humanity  by Ice Age Farmer

"We Need to Re-invent Democracy for this New Era
 in which Humans are Now Hackable Animals"

"From Now on "We Rule You"

And, "From Now On Humans Have Neither a Soul Nor Freewill"

Writing a New Code for Life Their Arrogance, Evil and Hubris of Playing God

Not Acceptable

"The Redesigning of Organisms" Amy Webb, Professor,
 NYU Stern School of Business

World Economic Forum

* * *

The Satanic Forces Weakened the Human Race [the Children of God] by Dividing the
 Populations Against Each Other in the Other Great Deception of 911

September 11, 2001

American Public Duped and Deceived


The Shame of Killing Innocent People

There are No Heroes — It's All A Richman's Game

“You are from your father The Devil, and the desire of your father you are willing to do; from the beginning he has been murdering men and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him; whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from what is his, because he is of falsehood and is also its father" — John 8:44

Corona Virus March 2020

The Children of Satan Coming Back At Ya!

After We're Done Torturing this Palestinian Child

Let's Now Dance the Corona! It's Only for Gentiles!

Coincidence? Not Really

"Meyer Amschel Rothschild was a Talmudist. This satanic hatred of humanity, and Christianity in particular, is driving the covid vaccines. There is a direct line between the Crucifixion of Christ, who represented the God of Love, 9-11 and the New World Order in terms of the degradation of humanity through fake pandemic, war and depression. If this logic is correct, humanity's fate is to be crucified like Christ or otherwise slaughtered or enslaved."  Article here   

Wow, See Something Here?

Nurses Speak

The Deaths, Damage and Horrific Life Changing
 Injuries from 'the Vaccine

Over 100,000 Psychiatric Disorders like Hallucination & Suicide
 Reported after COVID Vaccination

Pregnant Women and Fetal Deaths

Nurse Explains What Happens to Your Immune System
 After Each Successive Injection


Doctor Reveals Horrific Findings After Examining COVID Vax Vials

The Jewish $$$ Interest in Destroying the American Founding
through their "Critical Race Theory"

Sikking Their Attack Dogs on American Parents

Man's Daughter Raped by Transgender Boy in
Girl's Bathroom at Stone Bridge Highschool

Mom in Carmel NY Fights back Against Teaching
 Critical Race Theory

What Must Happen to Get the Alien Menace Out of the Life of the World,
 the Human Race and the Destruction of  America and the U.S. Constitution

"Keep them out of banking, out of education, out of government.

... Out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.

... Out of education and they cannot pervert the minds of the young to their subversive doctrines

 ... Out of government and they cannot betray the nation."

Ezra Pound, Defender of the Principles of Americanism, North America and the United States
Against the Jew Gang of British Finance Capitalism and Soviet Bolshevism

 [Also in the Form of Israeli-Zionist-Neocon]

Under God where all Human Rights and Liberty
, or Under This Now?

The Dead Don't Speak, But Those with Crippling
 Injuries Issue Warnings

The COVID Scam and Their NWO Anti Human Laws, Orders and Mandates
 Emanate from these Satanic, Perverted, Twisted, Psychopaths

Bride of Satan?

The Tyrant of Toronto Enjoying his Lover while the Country
 is being Brutalized by his Thug Police

Someone asks:  Gates' Bitch?

They Don’t Wanna Say the Real Numbers of People Not Wanting the Vaccine Because it Will be GAME OVER for Them

I see Biden saying 60 million of Americans are not vaccinated yet, of course they hiding the numbers pretty well.

I've been working on a deli in a major-busy city since July 2020 nonstop M-F. Since then I asked roughly 80-85 % of my customers their view about COVID/ vaccines. 6-10 would tell me they don’t trust the government about this and 5-10 were hesitant to get vaccinated and I’m talking about 15 months doing this humble survey at a crowded place in a crowded city, can’t believe it’s just 60 million not wanting this jab.

There’s a different reality going on outside they don’t want us to see, we’re close to win this guys, stay strong. They’re starting to sound desperate as fuck, using fascist shit like “ forget your own rights” “ you’ll die if you don’t take it” “ this is for your own good” “ you’ll regret it” bla bla bla. It’s about months for this to be over. STAY STRONG!


Do Not Wear Masks, Take Their 'PCR' Test [that is Not a Test!] Nor Take Their Kill Shot

They Are all Designed to End You

Also, Take No Notice of What They Say, Turn the Stupid TV Off, Throw Away

 Your Cell Phones, Be Aware of the Harm and Danger of Cell Towers

 and Join with New Communities for the Earth

You Know Who We Are in Light, Truth, and Wisdom

* * *

Know the Power of Prayer



United as Simply the Human Family on the Right Path through a Moral Freedom, with Our Rights Firmly Endowed to Us by our Creator so that we may All Expand in Light, Truth and Individual Creativity TOGETHER in Our Rightful and Joyful Destiny as One Human Race in the Plan of God (999)

3.00 p.m. Hour of Mercy Prayer

Act of Entrustment of the World

"O God, merciful Father, Who has revealed Your love in Your Son, Jesus Christ, and has poured it out upon us in the Holy Spirit, the Comforter.  We entrust to You today the destiny of the world and over every man and woman.

"Bend down to us sinners, heal our weaknesses, conquer all evil, and grant that all the inhabitants of the earth may experience Your mercy.  May they always find the source of hope in You, the Triune God.

"Eternal Father, for the sake of the sorrowful Passion, and the Resurrection of Your Son, have mercy on us and on the whole world.  Amen."

(The good Pope, Saint John Paul II, entrusted the destiny of the world to the Divine Mercy on August 17, 2002 in Kraków Łagiewniki)

Islam Issues Fatwa on Vax!

"On the left is a current member of the Board of Directors of Pfizer. On the right is the chairman and CEO of Reuters in charge of informing people neutrally about Pfizer and it's side effects. Pfizer got tired of paying billions in fines for illegal marketing practices. So they bought the media..."  Post

“Hey Pfizer, I developed blood clots because of your vaccine and need you to pay for my medical bills.”

Revelations 18:23 states:
"For the merchants were the great men of the earth;
for by their sorceries were all nations deceived."

Look up the word "sorceries" in Strong's Concordance, a reference book which lists the Hebrew and Greek translation of every word in the Bible, and you'll find the original Greek meaning for sorceries is pharmakeia or pharmacy. In other words, drug medications. So what that line from Revelations is really saying is: "For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy drug medications were all nations deceived."  Article here  | More 

The Dark Force, Aliens and AI

"The Creator Deeply Cares for You,
You Just Need to Awaken"

"A glorious time exists in the future, but it comes down to our ethics and morality and our wish... our wish to be good--and our wish from our hearts to achieve awakening or enlightenment..... a Great Awakening will come to be in the future, but you must want it, you must deeply want it from your soul... deep down inside your must understand why you are must understand the interconnection of everything, how everything interconnects.......and that every single person that has done bad, they have not only been manipulated, but it has also been a test... all these elements are meant for us.  There has always been a journey, yet a journey that has been dangerous, full of misery, but the future will be glorious, repent, expose [the Evil], get enlightened to what the reality really is....

"What you see when you get up, this body you have is only limited to what your eyes and your ears show you.  You don't even see 1% of 1%.  But you can.  The veil will be lifted in stages in the future, yet it requires for us to cast aside these negative ill traits that we've had for generations.  We must support each other.......the choice comes down to you.  Do you want to be free?  Do you want a future?  If you do, then go for it.  Dig deep into your heart and find yourself.  Find your true Self.  Your true Self is not selfish.  Your true Self is wise, kind, selfless and has no fear.  That is true Self.  And remember, the Creator has another Plan way beyond these garbage of the Universe.  They will be dealt with.  That I promise you."

What Does the Blood of Jesus Mean and What
 Did It Do for the Human Race [the Children of God]?

How to Shed Your Demons (Invited and Uninvited)
so That Your Light and Life Shines Brighter

The St. Michael Archangel Prayer

"St. Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.  Be our protection
 against the wickedness and snares of the devil.  May God
 rebuke him we humbly pray and do thou, O Prince
  of the heavenly host, by the Power of God,
  cast into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits
 who prowl about the world seeking
 the ruin of souls

The [Sacred] Human Body is a Temple for God

"Do you not know that you yourselves are God's temple,
 and that God's Spirit dwells in you?"
1 Corinthians 3:16

Instead, You are Being Body Snatched for AI,
Demonic Energy and Aliens


Prayer for a Healing Miracle

"God of all Creation, you who spoke a simple command and brought forth light from the darkness, I call upon you now to send forth your miracle-working power into every aspect of my being.  In the same way you spoke unto the dust of the ground when you created humankind in your own image, I ask you to send forth your healing power into my body.  Send forth your word and command every cell, electrical and chemical impulse, tissue, joint, ligament, organ, gland, muscle, bone and every molecule in my body to come under complete and perfect health, strength, alignment, balance and harmony.

"It is through you I live and move and have my being,  With every breath I take I live under your life-giving grace.  I ask you to touch me now with the same miracle-working power that you used when you fashioned me inside my mother's womb.  As surely you have created me in your image and likeness, you can also recreate me now and restore me to health.

"Please fill me with your healing power.  Cast out all that should not be inside of me right now.  I ask you to mend all that is broken, root out every sickness and disease, open all blocked arteries and veins, restore my internal organs, rebuild my damaged tissues, remove all inflammation and cleanse me of all infections, viruses and destructive forms of bacteria.

"Let the warmth of your healing love flood my entire being, so that my body will function the way it was created to be, whole and complete, renewed in your perfect health.  I ask this through my Lord, Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, One God, for ever and ever
 — Amen."

From: Lord Prepare My Hands for Battle by Jesse Romero, M.A.

First You Must Fully, Completely and Sincerely
Repent in Having Taken the Death Shot!

An EVIL Agenda by Bloodline Families JAB-o-CIDE
Dr. Christiane Northrup

See at 30.00


Donald Trump Nostalgic For Good Old Days When
 Israel ‘Literally Owned Congress’

The Red Herring Cretin is Still Trying to Steal and Dump
 (in the Trash Can) America's Patriotic Energy

Trump is False Opposition
 And Part of the Cabal that is Deceiving the Country

No President, Nor Politician for That Matter, Gets in
 Without Belonging to The Devil and his Cabal

John Ramirez with Demarcus Lacy on Halloween
 Belonging to the Devil

John Ramirez Talks About being Saved by the Lord

Armed and Dangerous with John Ramirez
Part 1

Americans Must Stand Up And Say “I Will Not Comply” With Covid Mandates
Right Now Or Face A Life Under Totalitarianism
Chuck Baldwin


U.S. Veterans Prepare for War

Telling it How it Is:  Riccardo Bossi
Australia One Party

The People will be Coming for You All

Arrest Them All and Shutdown and Dissolve
 ALL Pharmaceutical and Chemical

The 'Vax' is a BIOWEAPON and
 Treasonous Acts
Dr David Martin

The COVID 'Vax' is a Slow Kill so Nobody
 Realizes It
Dr Chetty

Vaccine Injured Testimonies and a COVID
 Trial Participant Speaks

The Human Race has Been Captured, but Let us Not Be
 Conquered  by a Soulless Species

The Human Species is a Sovereign Species

Message from the Australian Aboriginals

"Unite and Walk in Peace"



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